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Mobile & landline scrub, instantly

Upload numbers, scrub against DNC

Federal do-not-call instant scrubbing


Enter 10 numbers and we’ll send back a sample of the scrubbed numbers.

100% accuracy guarantee

Our DNC scrubbing list is updated usually every day at 5:00am EST ensuring that you know of positive matches within hours of them being added.

don't get sued

We keep a record of all your scrubs and timestamps. Should you ever need access to scrubbing records, simply login to your account.

Know instantly

Our system scrubs numbers instantly. See scrubbing progress in real time or wait for a notification email. Scrubbing 2 millions number takes about 5 minutes.

unlimited & API access

DNC Scrub an unlimited amount of numbers each month using this web interface or API.

DNC Scrubbing FAQS

Do I need a SAN number to use theDNCproject.org?

Since we do not provide any telemarketing services you do not need a SAN number to use our service.

What format should my files be in?

Our site accepts .csv and Excel files (.xlsx). Keep in mind that changing the file extension changes the name only, not the file type. Our site will automatically count the phone numbers in your file and then ask you which columns of your file need scrubbing.

Not sure if your file is compatible?
Simply upload it to our site and find out. It costs nothing for the site to process your file and count the numbers.

What does “Mobile Scrubbing” mean?

When the Mobile Scrubbing option is selected our site will examine each phone number in your file and identify it as either a mobile or landline phone. This way, if you’re using automated dialing software, you can avoid calling mobile numbers.

Do you offer known litigants scrubbing?

We do not offer litigant scrubbing at this time.

Do you scrub against state do-not-call lists?

We do not scrub against state DNC lists on our site, however we can do custom scrubs. This requires you to have purchased the DNC lists of the states you want to scrub so do that first, then call us. We charge $350 per state.

How does Unlimited Scrubbing work?

When you purchase a subscription to Unlimited/API you get unlimited access to file scrubs and API scrubs. IMPORTANT: Unlimited/API only applies to DNC scrubbing at this time, not Mobile Scrubbing.

Can I get a volume discount?

Yes, you can! Our pricing is based on a fancy equation where the more you scrub the less each number costs to scrub. It’s fully automatic. Try it today.

What's the process?

It’s really simple. First, look for the pricing widget on our site and enter the amount of numbers you want to scrub. If you don’t know how many numbers are in your file then simply click the link to upload the file and we’ll count for you. Once our site provides you a price you’re given the option to upload your file and proceed. After that you simply follow the steps and checkout! Your file will be returned to you in minutes.